Billboard Music Awards Honors Eddie Van Halen With Throwback Performance

David Crosby sorry for 'meh' response to Eddie Van Halen's death

David Crosby Explains His Van Halen Tweet: "I Didn't Even Remember He Had Just Died"

In a later tweet, he continued, "Hendrix changed the world of guitar".

Fans of both Van Halen and Crosby seemed pleased with the latter's mea culpa, taking to Twitter to let him off the hook.

Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven tells Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon there "was a time apparently when Eddie was so frustrated, and I think this would have been 1983, somewhere around there, that he called Gene Simmons" asking to join Kiss.

Recently, Brian May paid his tribute to him by recalling his first seeing Eddie Van Halen and took fans back to the golden moment he lived with him, which also includes Black Sabbath man Tony Iommi.

Rocker David Crosby forgot Eddie Van Halen had died when he responded to a fan's tweet about the guitar great and sparked a storm of protest from the Jump star's fans. "We do all make mistakes and we need more forgiveness in this world". "It's called Van Halen, it is your band, '" said Niven.

This whole saga between David Crosby and Eddie Van Halen was pretty damn predictable and followed the tried-and-true formula we've come to expect whenever a famous person stuffs up: make insensitive statement, double down on it, cop a heap of backlash, wait a few days, and then issue out sheepish apology (that may or may not be written by a publicist).

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