Trump chief of staff refuses to speak to reporters with mask on

WH Chief Meadows Throws Tantrum, Walks Away After Reporter Asks Him To Wear A Mask

WATCH: Mark Meadows Storms Off, Refuses to Talk to Reporters After One Asks Him to Wear a Mask

Meadows stopped to speak to reporters during a break in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett - quickly stepping back taking his mask off once in front of the camera.

In a somewhat hectic exchange with the press Meadows chose to "pull away" the stationary microphone to supposedly get "more than ten feet away" from the reporters and be able to more safely speak to them without a face mask. "I'm more than ten feet away!" he says, but immediately puts the mask back on, declares, "I'm not gonna talk through a mask", and storms off.

When he was then asked by a reporter to cover his face, he put on the mask and stalked off.

He's far from the first White House official to flout CDC recommendations for wearing masks to reduce the risk of transmission. During that time, it was unclear whether Trump was still contagious.

Meadows has been working out of the White House over the last week, interacting with President Donald Trump while he was recovering from Covid-19. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who tested positive for COVID-19 just 10 days ago, gave his opening statement at Barrett's hearing without a mask on despite the fact that he could've done so from home.

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