Rocket League Ditches Its Price Tag Next Week

Rocket League Free Sun Ray Boost Hot Rocks Trail

Rocket League Free Sun Ray Boost Hot Rocks Trail

Rocket League supports cross-platform play, so Xbox One and PS4 players can play in matches head-to-head.

As they celebrate, the developers at Psyonix have also released an awesome cinematic trailer for Rocket League, so be sure to give it a watch down below.

We will update this article with full details as soon as Epic and Psyonix make them available.

Epic Games Store Debut - Rocket League will make its debut on the Epic Games Store when Rocket League goes free to play! The update also allows you to link all your gaming platforms to an Epic Games Store account for cross-progression across PC and consoles. Use the Creator Code "TechRaptor" and you'll help support our site when you spend Credits in-game! This update is going to be launching a bunch of new content for players to enjoy!

Fans have been waiting a little longer than usual for the new Rocket League season to begin, and the good news is that the interlude is nearly over. Players can add it to their wishlist HERE Players who download and launch the game on EGS will also receive the Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail items! More details on exactly what this seemingly Fortnite-themed event will be will come later.

It should be noted that some things won't be coming on the Rocket League free-to-play release date. For the latter, Challenges will no longer be a part of Rocket Pass, but will now be counted across the entire game. "20XX" player banner, downloadable Rocket League content, etc., which will be added to their accounts afterwards.

Rocket League goes free-to-play on September 23.

One final reminder: Rocket League was already a game that had its fair share of microtransactions. Players that download Rocket League on the Epic Games store will get a $10 Epic Games coupon that can be spent on qualifying games and add-ons over $14.99. Once you've done so, you can access the Rocket League items you've unlocked across all platforms. Thus, the free version will include competitive tournaments in which you can participate "on your own" or in a squad of up to three players. Have you had a chance to play the game or will this be your first time experiencing it?

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