Oppo launches Android 11-based ColorOS 11

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Oppo Unveils Android 11-Based Strong ColorOS 11: Check out the list of devices that will get it

Less than a week after Android 11 officially launched, Chinese phone maker Oppo has announced that the latest revision of its own Android-based user experience - ColorOS 11 - is coming to smartphones starting this year.

Note that Oppo has jumped numbers to name this version of ColorOS to match the numerics of Android 11.

A handy feature that Oppo and Google developed together is the ability for users to take a screenshot by running three fingers down the display. Each smartphone OEM has its own set of custom UI.

Security and privacy improvements ColorOS 11 incorporates all the new Android 11 security features and privacy options and builds upon it to further enhance it.

What's new with ColorOS 11 Beta? Users can create their own wallpapers, fonts, ringtones and icons. According to OPPO, this safety feature has been designed post inputs from users in India and is now available only in the Indian market.

UI customizations ColorOS 11 offers even better customisation options than before. Because now users also get the feature to customize the Dark Mode. Moreover, the upgrade brings enhanced "Dark Mode" with three colour schemes and levels of contrast. The user can choose from three different tones and have it change throughout the day depending on usage and preference.

"ColorOS 11's focus on UI customization is rooted in the customer's desire for a more personalized and unique phone experience", said Lynn Ni, OPPO ColorOS Design Project Lead. It brings some new mix of ambient music, like birds or rain sounds to help users relax.

Convenience is at the best in ColorOS 11.

ColorOS 11 is equipped with features that increase business and daily use efficiency. You just need to take a screenshot, pull up Google Translator, and then translate the text. As you can see in the graphic below the rollout starts tonight but given their history of not sticking to timeframes, especially for Australian devices I wouldn't expect it to arrive in the new few weeks. This will help users understand what is written on signboards, warning signs, etc, with a simple swipe. Plus, Oppo has added a new privacy feature like Private System. In addition, you can switch between smart home devices via a new Device Control menu without downloading new apps.

When low battery kicks in, ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 has gotten you covered. One of my favorite new features is ideal for anyone that gets multiple messages in quick succession. Additionally, the super night-time stand-by mode will make sure only less battery is consumed when you forget to charge your phone at night.

There are some other noteworthy features that Oppo has introduced with ColorOS 11 update.

First and foremost, it all comes down to clearing the cache partition where temporary system data is stored. This enhancement combines OPPO's proprietary lag-reducing engine with Quantum Animation which can boost RAM ulilisation by 45 per cent leading to an improve in response rate by 32 per cent and frame rate by 17 per cent.

Aside from Ultra Steady Video Shooting, users will also be able to use an Ultra Wide-Angle Lens on third-party apps, allowing them to see a wider angle of view to include more objects into their shot.

Google recently unveiled the latest iteration of Android - the Android 11 OS.

Oppo has introduced features like flex drop, floating window, a smart sidebar to give the users a chance to experience the improved smoothness of its devices. Private System creates a separate system where a second version of applications and data runs independently of the original and can only be accessed with a separate fingerprint scan or password.

Which devices are getting ColorOS 11?

The public beta for the Find X2 lineup is available today, with plans to add more devices by the end of the month.

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