Ontario records 251 new COVID-19 cases

'You are hurting people': New COVID-19 cases reported in Halton region and they include more young people

Rising number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario ‘cause for concern’ says Ford

Meanwhile, Ontario reported 313 new cases on Monday - the highest daily case count since early June.

Toronto reported 73 cases on Tuesday, down from 112 on Monday, while Peel reported 42, down from 71 on Monday.

As cases across Ontario rose, Brantford and Brant had one new case on Saturday for a total of 167 since the pandemic began. She did not say whether the company expects to hire more workers in the coming months. "It's not bars per se or restaurants". It's just not worth it. COVID is ramping up again and we just can't have the large social gatherings.

"We're going to handle this in a very systematic way before we make any decisions to close down the schools like we did in March".

"We don't want to have to move things back a stage". There have been different types of return that have been modeled for us; one is small surges up and down, others are more peaks and valleys.

"We are continuing with the Thornhill (Medical) ventilator, ICU in a box units, which we will continue producing through the end of the year", she added.

The increase has sparked concerns about the onset of a "second wave" of the virus' spread.

Ontario's top public health doctor told CP24 that Ontario labs detected 251 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, and Premier Doug Ford says people in Ottawa, Peel Region and Toronto should prepare for new restrictions.

Elliott said "whether this is the start of the second wave or not, it certainly has our attention and we're deadling with it". "The most important thing that we all need to continue to do is to please continue to follow the public health guidance".

Dr. Kevin Smith, president and CEO of Toronto's University Health Network, has said he's "worried" because the number of patients with COVID-19 in intensive care has increased after some weeks of having no one hospitalized with the disease. "We also have reduced capacity in our hospitals".

Elliott said hospital surgeries will not be halted and will continue to meet a backlog said to be as high as 180,000 files in the province.

The OHA echoed the same sentiment, saying Ontario's economy may be forced to shut down again if case numbers continue to rise. "In Ontario, we've done better than most, but we can't take that for granted", he said. "The only question is how bad is it coming", Ford said during the press conference on Monday.

"Is it coming, yeah it's coming as sure as I'm standing here and I hope to God I'm wrong", he responded.

"But at this point in time we can see the wave forming".

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