IKEA Has Teamed up With ROG to Design Comfy Furniture for Gamers

IKEA Teams Up With ASUS ROG to Develop Affordable Gaming Furniture

IKEA Now Making Affordable Gaming Furniture In Collaboration With ASUS ROG

In partnership with ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), IKEA is developing a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level. "With the rapid growth of gaming market across the world and a fast growing number of people playing, IKEA is curious about how home furnishing could improve the gaming experience and life around it", said Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace, IKEA.

There are no indications yet as to what this will entail, although the products will focus on ergonomics and affordability.

Ikea has kept things vague about what kind of products it would be making.

We're pretty sure they'll come out with some gaming oriented desks and chairs, but depending on how far they take their study, we could see them head down the dark, dark path of incorporating features based for the one in seven British gamers who pee in bottles instead of going a few steps to the loo.

IKEA Now Making Affordable Gaming Furniture In Collaboration With ASUS ROG
ASUS ROG Collaboration with IKEA for Gaming Furniture

As a result of this tireless work, ROG in conjunction with IKEA will be ready to roll outs its all-new range of home furnishings to help gamers starting February 2021 in China.

As well as the Shanghai meeting photo-documented here, Asus and IKEA say they held many personal and virtual meetings at the IKEA Product Development Centre (Shanghai) and Asus Design Centre (Taipei and Shanghai), which amounted to several hundred hours of collaboration on these products - spanning ideation, design, development, testing, experiment and modifications.

Speaking of gaming chairs, we've seen just what ASUS ROG could do with its very own Chariot RGB gaming chair, so we imagine IKEA will be using that as a blueprint of sorts. Acer also recently collaborated with Osim to make a gaming massage chair. We'll find out soon enough, as the range will launch in China in February of 2021 and be available in the USA and elsewhere by October, 2021. Asus ROG IKEA furniture will debut in Feb 2021 and consist of about 30 products to start with. "Our new partnership with the experts at IKEA will allow ROG to find new and interesting ways to delight gamers in and around the home".

A mix of furniture and accessories will launch first in China (in Feb next year) before rolling out worldwide from October.

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