God And Monsters' Name Was Changed Due To Legal Action

Monster Energy might have had something to do with the name change for Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft May Have Changed Gods & Monsters' Name After a Trademark Dispute With Monster Energy

In the notice of opposition the energy drink brand cites its ties to the games industry through sponsorship of professional gamers and esports organizations in support of its many claims. The response from Ubisoft about halfway through May mentioned that "Ubisoft denies that Opposer will be damaged by registration of Ubisoft's marks and denies that Opposer is entitled to any relief".

Have you been wondering about the name change from Gods & Monsters to Immortals Fenyx Rising? The first Monster Hunter game released in 2004, two years after the Monster Energy brand was established, and it hasn't ever gone chasing Capcom. Immortals Fenyx Rising was created from just that, after its creative director saw the potential in Assassin's Creed Odyssey glitch. We can also hear legendary poet Homer narrating the experience in this clip, describing a character called Fenyx, who features in the new game title. What's interesting is that in Ubisoft's May 2020 answer to Monster Energy's notice of opposition, they deny nearly all of the claims. And also I like the new era, Fenyx, and adjoining that epic adventure. Ubisoft replied, pointing to the hundreds of live trademark examples that contain the word Monster, but Ubisoft essentially chose to rename the game instead of going through with a lengthy legal battle. The cases range from disputes with other food and beverage companies to seemingly completely unrelated businesses like toy manufacturers.

For example, Monster took issue with Nikko Toys' line of remote control Mega Monster trucks because it, too, has at one time or another plastered its logo on the sides of toy cars. Neither company has responded to TechRaptor's request for comments. A more appropriate one might be, "Unleash the lawyers".

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