Ecowas hopes for civilian-led transition govt in Mali 'in days'

People hold a banner showing Col. Assimi Goita leader of the junta which is now running Mali and calls itself the National Committee for the Salvation of the People outside a conference in Bamako Mali Thursday Sept. 10 2020. Leaders of Mali's

Mali must appoint civilian government immediately, says regional bloc

Speaking at Peduase in Ghana at a meeting with ECOWAS leaders over the tension in Mali, the President said terrorists are taking advantage of the situation to settle ad dominate the region.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has hinted at a possible return of the Malian government to civilian rule in a matter of days amid threats to impose restrictions should push come to shove.

"While in Accra, the vice president will also meet with representatives of the Nigerian community in Ghana to discuss issues bordering on their well being in the West African country".

The President made these comments at the gathering of West African heads of State in Ghana to deliberate on possible solutions to the political crisis in Mali following a coup to oust President Bubakar Keïta in August.

"That country can no longer afford any delay in putting a responsible government in place".

Akufo-Addo said that an Ecowas mediator would travel to Bamako in a week and the 15-nation bloc wanted the process finished.

ECOWAS slapped sanctions on the country after the putsch, including closing borders and a ban on trade and financial flows, and has called for elections within 12 months.

"I'm hoping that by the time he gets there these things would have been completed", the Ghanaian leader said.

The junta missed that deadline but its leader Colonel Assimi Goita, who was appointed interim head of state, attended the talks in Ghana on his first trip overseas since his seizure of power. "We're talking, hopefully in days, not in weeks" he said.

On Saturday, the military governors pushed through a charter that said the interim president can be a soldier or a civilian and has not yet indicated when the new government would be named.

"As soon as they are designated, we will lift the sanctions", he told journalists.

Mali's neighbours, who are anxious to avoid the fragile Sahel state spiralling into chaos, have not yet reacted to the transition roadmap.

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