Trump, Calif. officials clash over climate change

A burned out fire engine sits on a street strewn with the charred wreckage of buildings

Many missing people have been found but authorities warn the death toll is likely to rise

Brown/AFP/Getty Images The Bobcat Fire burns on hillsides behind homes in Arcadia, California. The initiative aims to reduce wildfire risk for 500,000 acres of forest land per year.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was also set to be talking about the wildfires during a campaign stop in his home state of DE today, as CNN reports. For those who have avoided the flames, smoke from the fires has choked the air and kept people inside.

Trump and Newsom are participating in a briefing Monday on the deadly fires that have forced thousands of residents out of their homes along the West Coast.

Yet the president has said and done nearly nothing. "This is a huge, immediate, urgent problem".

President Trump on Monday again pushed the claim that fires, like the dozens now burning across the American West, are down to bad forest management while ignoring the climate crisis.

Dale Kasler covers climate change, the environment, economics and the convoluted world of California water. It had 14,000 dry lightning strikes that set off hundreds of fires, some that combined into creating five of the 10 largest fires in the state's recorded history.

The White House said U.S. President Donald Trump, a Republican, will meet with federal and California officials on Monday.

Wildfires have ravaged parts of California, Oregon and Washington, so far leaving at least 35 people dead and burning almost five million acres.

While he has often criticized Newsom by name and assailed what he contends is California's poor forest management, most of the state's forests are managed by the federal government.

Crews in Jackson County, Ore., were hoping to venture into rural areas where the Alameda Fire has abated slightly with slowing winds, sending up thick plumes of smoke as the embers burned.

It is now 26% contained after entering Butte County "with a vengeance", a little less than a week ago, according to CalFire.

Drought conditions, extreme temperatures and high winds in OR created the "perfect firestorm" for the blazes to grow, Gov.

In the state of Washington firefighters continue to tackle 15 large wildfires.

California has sued the Trump administration more than 100 times.

Fire weather watches have been issued throughout the region and, while rain may hit the coastlines of OR and Washington where wildfires continue to rage, California is forecast to remain dry. The National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning for the region that was in effect until 8 p.m. Monday, warning that breezy southwest winds of 10 to 20 miles per hour, with gusts up to 30 miles per hour, plus daytime humidities in the 15% to 25% range, could increase the chance of rapid fire growth.

Warnings of low moisture and strong winds could fan the flames in hard-hit southern OR to Northern California and last through Tuesday. "And Russia? Is Russia going to change its ways?" he said after landing in McLellan Park, California.

Air quality across the Pacific Northwest state of OR was characterized by state environmental officials as "hazardous" OR "very unhealthy".

Brown called the perilous fires a "once-in-a-generation event", and the director of the Office of Emergency Management, Andrew Phelps, said authorities were bracing for the possibility of "mass fatality" incidents.

Further north, air quality also remains an issue in both OR and Washington, as mountain ranges and low cloud ceilings keep smoke in the area longer.

Most of the fatalities have occurred in California and OR, with emergency services in the two states recording 26 deaths.

Emergency services in OR confirmed there was still 38 active fires burning as of Sunday morning, with 40,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders.

They were concerned that a shift in the wind could clear smoke that's been providing a cover of shade over the area, which could cause the fire to make a run to the east, officials said.

Franz said she had been touring communities devastated by fires but had hoped no deaths had happened.

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