Chris Evans Breaks Silence After Leaking D Pic on Instagram

Chris Evans Addresses Photo Leak In The Best Way Ever: ‘Now That I Have Your Attention’

Chris Evans Breaks Silence After Leaking D Pic on Instagram

Also, don't be surprised if he ends up deleting his IG account altogether just a few months into using the photo-sharing application. After watching it, some fans got shocked. Evans recently set up his own political website aimed at informing voters on different politicians' viewpoints and stances, so it makes sense that he'd want to encourage as much participation as possible.

Chris quickly deleted the footage, but it was too late. But some fans managed to take the screenshot of it. Uploading the clip however later led to a gallery of private images and video.

Evans' younger brother Scott also reacted to the Instagram mishap and seemingly acted naively amid all the social media brouhaha.

Following that viral moment, the Avengers star maintained his silence on social media, but now, he's breaking his silence for a good cause.

He said that if he got everyone's attention, so everyone can vote in the forthcoming election. He was trending across the globe and people couldn't stop reacting to the NSFW post and even several celebs including Mark Ruffalo and Chris' brother Scott Evans reacted to his post.

Taking to Twitter, Dennings wrote: "The public respect for Chris Evans' privacy/feelings is wonderful".

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