Canada Post suspends service in Metro Vancouver due to wildfire smoke

Despite the blanket of haze over Cochrane the air quality hasn't been affected

Despite the blanket of haze over Cochrane the air quality hasn't been affected

"They are looking for a brief reprieve mid-week".

NEWS 1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate says there won't be much of a noticeable improvement to the air quality until a little later in the week.

The air quality index in Vancouver showed smoky conditions so poor on Monday that the city ranked as among the worst of the world's major cities, along with Portland, Ore., and Delhi.

The index uses a scale of one to 10 to rank risk from stagnant or smoky air and now lists the risk at 10-plus for all but the northern quarter of B.C. Air quality advisories are in place across B.C.

"Washington wildfires burning in the western and northernmost part of the state have also affected air pollution levels in Canada, with some smoke carried more than 200 miles from the source". Health experts have advised people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, with Multnomah County authorities going as far as saying nobody should be outside.

Smoke from the worst wildfire season in California's history mixed with smokey ash from OR and Washington to cover the A's ballpark like a polluted umbrella.

"Air quality is expected to gradually improve for most regions (Monday) evening and overnight as higher smoke concentrations move southward", reads the statement.

None of her fellow runners reported health concerns, Thai added. She says they're concerned about the small particles in that grey smokey air, that can sneak past the human body's defense system like nasal hairs, and get deeper into the lungs.

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