Tom Cruise's Space Movie Have A Budget Of 200$ Million

Tom Cruise gets backing of Elon Musk to make the first movie in space: report

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Director Chris McQuarrie Also Attached To Tom Cruise/Doug Liman's Upcoming Space Movie

The $200 million figure is an estimate, considering the project is still being scripted and the unprecedented logistics, but it costs more to make space-set blockbusters that never require breaking through the atmosphere.

Liman, on the other hand, who worked with the actor on American made and the edge of tomorrow is now working on writing the script and the plot and adventure of the film.

Tom Cruise has reportedly recruited Elon Musk's technological experience as he intends the very first film to film in outer space together with the manufacturing capital of Universal Pictures.

Sources said that the big-budget film signed over a zoom call with Tom Cruise, writer-director Doug Liman, his frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, and producer. The actor will next be seen returning to his iconic role as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8, with McQuarrie helming both features, as well as Top Gun: Maverick, helmed by Joseph Kosinski.

NASA, Elon Musk and his Space x program will also be on board the project, a factor that no doubt helped provide Universal with further confidence.

Stay tuned for more on Cruise's space adventure as it unfolds...

What Will Be The Plot Of The Movie?

There are no updates about the storyline of the movie by the filmmakers.

Stay tuned for updates on this incomparable story as it continues to unfold.

There is no detail about the cast of the movie yet.

This shouldn't be particularly surprising to anyone who has followed Cruise's career over the past decade.

It is the first public-private collaborative project to send astronauts into space. James Cameron is digging his own land in the deep sea for his movies - somewhere I'm not on this spaceship, you can catch it.

Some say the days of the Hollywood superstar are over, to be replaced by a new era of films that become hits thanks to fan-favorite characters like superheroes, being played by an ever-changing roster of unknown actors.

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