Hyper Scape hits Xbox One and PC on August 11

Hyper Scape Release Date Set for August 11 on PC and Consoles Season One Detailed

Hyper Scape Release Date Set for August 11 on PC and Consoles Season One Detailed

Did you know there is a Malaysian among the diverse cast of playable characters in Hyper Scape? They will need to play the game before the open beta ends on August 2 or watch a Crowncast-enabled Twitch stream for one hour.

The game is now only available to play on PC via the Uplay open beta, which is scheduled to end on August 2.

The good news is that gamers will be able to switch over to consoles from the PC open beta through cross-progression support. Hyper Scape was first launched on July 2 as a technical test and then into open beta for PC on July 12. Players will experience new gameplay content and new Crowncast features.

That very first season is going to undoubtedly be called First theory, kicking off a fresh storyline arc along with falling new spankin' brand new in-game material on the manner.

Season One will also bring forth a selection of new tools, including the Dragonfly mid-range weapon and Magnet hack, which can be used to trap unsuspecting contenders during a match. Additionally, Ubisoft says season one will include several as-yet-unannounced limited time modes to try out.

Season 1 will begin Hyper Scape's story. Plus, you'll discover more about the game's universe throughout the first season of the free-to-play game. Comics will also be released for the game, building out the lore of the world.

In announcing the news, Ubisoft shared details about Season 1 content and unleashed a brand-new trailer.

In case you have not already done so, we remind you that it is possible to unlock the rewards of the open beta pass of Hyper Scape on PS4 and One for free. During a "Lethal Melee" event, a player's melee weapon can eliminate opponents in one hit.

Have you played the Hyper Scape beta?

Ubisoft is offering 600 Bitcrowns, the premium in-game currency, to players who played and even just watched the game. Players can earn bitcrowns by playing the game or purchasing with real money.

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