Here's Why People Aren't Excited With Apple Watch Series 6 Anymore

Antevisão do watchOS 6- Apple

Report: Apple Watch Series 6 will support blood oxygen level monitoring and sleep tracking

The addition of blood oxygen level monitoring in Apple Watch will also come at a useful time as the world is in the middle of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic which ends up causing breathing issues in many affected people. If blood oxygen levels are too low, your body may not work correctly. If your blood oxygen falls below a specific concentration, which can occur during exercise, the Apple Watch could warn you to ease up before you injure yourself. The next Apple Watch (likely dubbed Series 6), is expected to launch alongside the new iPhones at a virtual launch event in September or October.

While we're interested to hear Digitimes say the Apple Watch 6 production lines are gearing up, we're more curious about the alleged blood oxygen monitoring feature that's confirmed to ship on the upcoming smartwatch. Perhaps the reason why there is a heavy demand for standalone clip-on-style Pulse oximeters in the market. Previous reports have actually likewise specified that the Apple Watch 6 could show up with a Touch IDsensor We had actually seen this feature ingrained in the gadgets Digital Crown, despite the fact that it is presently utilized for recording ECG. The increased battery capacity to help the new features such as blood oxygen level detection.

When the original Apple Watch debuted in 2015, iFixit discovered the device's heart sensors have blood oxygen level monitoring capabilities, but they have never been activated. It's possible then that the Apple Watch 6, like the iPhone 12, is slated for an October release. Based on leaks and speculation, the Series 6 will feature a faster processor, better water resistance, improved cellular speeds, and the ability to monitor sleep.

Health has been a key growth category for the Apple Watch since its inception, most recently adding native sleep tracking, mobility metrics and hearing health alerts in WatchOS 7.

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