Google upgrades Chrome's Autofill experience with biometrics and more

Google Adds Biometric Security Checks and Touch-to Fill to Chrome

Google has a new plan to make online transactions safe for Android smartphone users

Starting this week with Home windows and macOS and extending later on to Android products, you can authenticate your identification when earning an on the net buy using biometrics, such as your fingerprint.

Chrome has always required users to enter the 3-digit CVC for credit card confirmation.

If you've ever bought something through the browser on your Android phone, you know that Chrome always asks you to enter the CVC code from your credit card to ensure that it's really you - even if you have the credit card number stored on your phone. Switching to biometric authentication is wholly optional and can be accessed from Chrome's Setting page. You still need to provide your CVC the first time you use your credit card, but for future transactions, you will be able to confirm your credit card using biometric authentication ᠆ instead of requiring you to pull out your wallet and type in its CVC.

According to Google, these features will land on Chrome for Android in the following couple of weeks via an update. The functionality first surfaced via a Chrome flag earlier this month, and the company tested biometric support for Chrome Autofill back in January of this year. Besides this, Google is also adding a new "touch-to-fill" interface in Chrome that will popup every time a user visits a website where he/her has an account. A recognizable sheet with the title "Continue with account" will appear on your screen. You don't have to look to their form fields individually any longer and just need to pick one of the sign in credential pairs in the box in the event that you have mutiple. In the case of filling out online forms from your smartphone, users need to do it without much fuss, but they also need to do it in a secure context since it is sensitive details that they're filling in these forms.

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