Deadliest Catch's Mahlon Reyes dies from 'massive' heart attack at 38

"Deadliest Catch reality star Mahlon Reyes is dead at the age of 38

Sullivan told the site that her husband was hospitalized after the heart attack but never regained consciousness.

Mahlon Reyes, best known for appearing on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch, has sadly died at the age of 38. According to his wife his family made a decision to take him off life support Sunday.

We're told he had no existing health conditions his family knew of, so they're all completely shocked by the massive heart attack. The outlet reported that the reality star suffered a heart attack on July 25, and his family made the hard decision to take him off life support on July 26. She says he was surrounded by loved ones. The fisherman suffered the injury while crabbing on a boat, and was doing everything he could to get back to Alaska for another crab season, she told the outlet. According to TMZ, the Flathead County Sheriff's Office has not yet determined his official cause of death.

The Montana native spent nearly a decade starring on the reality show.

According to IMDB, Reyes, reportedly a father of four, appeared in 14 episodes of the Emmy-winning reality show that chronicles the lives of Alaskan crab fishermen on the Bering Sea since 2012.

Reyes is not the first Deadliest Catch star to pass away - in 2018, Captain Blake Painter was found dead in his Astoria, Oregon home at age 38.

To honor his memory, Reyes' wife revealed she and his Deadliest Catch crew already have plans to spread some of his ashes in the Bering Sea.

Deckboss and co-star Nick McGlashan took to Twitter to express his grief over his colleague's passing.

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