Wisconsin to be added to Chicago quarantine list starting Tuesday

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Chicago has issued a 14-day quarantine order for people arriving in the city from Wisconsin, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Monday as coronavirus cases increase. It will go into effect on Friday.

States make Chicago's list if the COVID-19 case rate is more than 15 new cases for every 100,000 residents each day, during a seven-day rolling average.

Content is village president patrick kenny is being hit with a double-whammy his full-time job is base in the chicago loop and these towns tourist related businesses will likely take a serious hit they're going to suffer people can't come up if they do they have to quarantine for fourteen days they go back and people are going to think twice about coming over the border. Lightfoot, who said Wisconsin will be added to the list later this week, didn't offer further details during an afternoon news conference.

Individuals traveling through Wisconsin on their way to Chicago from a state not on the list do not need to quarantine if they were in Wisconsin for less than 24 hours.

It also doesn't apply for anyone who passes through Wisconsin for less than 24 hours, or anyone flying through Chicago. "Essential worker" includes any state, local, and federal officials and employees traveling in their official capacities on government business, including military service.

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