Trump's demand for election-night results is deceptive and unsafe

Biden holds his notes including the topics Kamala Harris and Department of Justice reform as he addresses reporters at a campaign event

Donald Trump calls for delay to 2020 US presidential election

He added that elected officials need to keep President Trump in check.

A public numbness sets in, to the point that even Trump's most ardent political opponents have difficulty summoning outrage.

But this week the president offered a statement that stood out, even among many that have put Trump's branding iron on the office.

President Trump on Friday pointed to the still-undecided election results in New York's 12th Congressional District, which was inundated with absentee ballots on June 23, as an example of the chaos looming if states rely on universal mail-in voting in the November presidential election.

However, Steven Calabresi is not the only Conservative who disagrees with Donald Trump.

President Trump demanded that results be available on the night of the election.

Indeed, Abraham Lincoln pressed for an election in 1864 when the Civil War was raging and his prospects for victory looked bleak, though he ultimately benefited in part by making it easier for soldiers in the field to vote. An election was also held on time in 1944, with incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt claiming victory in the midst of World War II.

Calabresi declared himself "appalled" by the tweet, which he characterized as "seeking to postpone the November election". The New York Times reports that sixteen states and two territories, including California, Utah, Colorado and Hawaii, have pushed back presidential primaries or extended mail-in voting deadlines because of the COVID-19 crisis.

"[Mr Trump] has no power at all to delay the election", Dr David Smith, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney's US Studies Centre, told SBS News.

Trump expanded his election attacks later in the day, saying he didn't want to move forward with the vote unless the results are known the same day.

Trump's allegations that mail-in voting leads to increased fraud are unsubstantiated.

He insisted the delay had nothing to do with poll after poll showing him falling further behind Joe Biden. "That date can't be changed".

"Maybe you'll never know the election results, and that's what I'm concerned with".

It was a remarkable turnaround for a man who as recently as November had accused House Democrats of conducting an "unconstitutional" and "Kafkaesque "trial" in their Trump impeachment proceedings.

Mr Trump appeared to backtrack at a press conference shortly after his tweet on Thursday. In an election as close as 2016′s, a delayed tally in key states could keep news organisations from calling a victor.

Events on the other side of the world offered a cautionary tale.

Although the American president quickly changed tack on the controversial issue, Republicans called it a non-serious remarkWASHINGTON Hours after suggesting a possible delay in the 2020 presidential election, US President Donald Trump said he did not want to postpone the vote, but remained concerned that millions of mail-in ballots would cause problems.

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