Splinter Cell is back as a Netflix anime

Splinter Cell


There's a catch though, it'll be an animated series based on at least 2 seasons and 16 episodes. However, when Variety reached out, Netflix, Ubisoft, and reps for Derek Kolstad declined to comment on any further details about the deal. Now being developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, this production has also enlisted the very capable John Wick writer - Derek Kolstad. Fisher worked within an NSA sub-division known simple as "Third Echelon" and saved the world more times than any person should (pretty standard for most video game protagonists, really).

One game series that has a surprisingly passionate fanbase is Splinter Cell.

The first game was released in 2002 to huge acclaim and massive sales, spawning several sequels and spin-off books.

This is all despite the fact that there hasn't been a single Splinter Cell game since 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. There was a brief mention of a new title previous year, but there hasn't been an official announcement from Ubisoft.

A Splinter Cell film adaptation with Tom Hardy to star as Fisher had been in the works for years, but has never gotten off the ground.

It was announced in 2017 that Derek Kolstad was working on a live-action TV series adaptation of the Hitman series.

Kolstad will serve as both writer and executive producer.

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