Latest COVID-19 numbers: Over 480,000 Florida cases, deaths surpass 7,000

While the state's fatality toll continues to rise daily, the numbers presented each day do not necessarily mean each death occurred on that day; the numbers come from when the state was made aware of those deaths and accounted for them.

The Florida Department of Health reported 257 new COVID-19 deaths in Florida on Friday, marking the fourth consecutive day the state has surpassed its own daily death record.

In numerical terms, the loss of life in each state is roughly equivalent to the number of passengers on a single-aisle airplane. Mississippi, Montana and Nevada also had a one-day record increase in deaths on Friday. The Florida Keys now have 1,325 confirmed cases and nine deaths.

California became the first USA state to have over half a million cases on Friday. That's two more confirmed cases compared to Friday, and the newly reported deaths doubled from Friday's nine. That's down from highs of more than 9,500 last week. Florida ranks eighth with almost 7,000 deaths.

The health department added another 8,989 new cases in Florida on July 30.

The United States recorded 1.87 million new cases in July, bringing total infections to 4.5 million, for an increase of 69%.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and NY had the lowest increases, with cases rising 8% or less.

In Florida, the deaths announced on a given day could be from several days earlier because the state information does not include the exact date of death.

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