Hamilton eyes another three years in F1, praises Grosjean

After his recent victories and given his great record at Silverstone Lewis Hamilton will start as favourite

British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton intends to be in F1 for 'at least another three years'

"I don't know when that's going to be but I don't see it happening in the short term, in the next two or three years". With his fellow director, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, he had been pushing for the protests to continue, but Grosjean thought the opposing side of the argument needed a voice, something he no longer thinks was the right approach.

"We'll get to work tonight and see how much more performance we can squeeze out of the vehicle, and hopefully it's going to be enough", Bottas concludes.

Hamilton, who is aiming to draw level with Michael Schumacher this season and win a seventh world title, said his initial target was at least three more years and added he was also "conscious" of ensuring there was diversity in F1.

"But also he mentioned that, as one of the directors they are listening to you, and that was his point".

"I wasn't aware of that, but I was already impressed with our conversation that we had afterwards and his approach to our conversation". Schumacher last raced in 2012 at the age of 43.

"He is clearly a caring person, so to hear that he said that, it is not easy, firstly, for anyone to admit that we are wrong and that's a great first step. That's really what it's going to take all of us to do, to open up our minds, don't put up barriers or be defensive, be open-minded and acknowledging there is an issue is sometimes the first step and then how we can work towards making it better".

"I see Toto as a friend, but he is my boss at the same time". I don't know, I'm just going to try and ...

'That time off was really a bit of breathing space. "My goal is to continue to deliver for as long as I can, so I see myself going for at least another three years". I think the results that we are achieving, I think a huge amount of that is down to his leadership and I think there are so many people in this team and we are part of the same chain and we are all different links in the chain, but the philosophy that he hands down, stems down from his drive and he is a real racer at heart.

F1's drivers have not all been unified in the act of kneeling, with six declining to do so at the opening events.

"I was one of the first ones to support and to push that we take the knee and I'm still hopeful that one day we will get 20 drivers to take the knee on the grid and that it will happen at one point".

"Everybody has their own way of expressing it", said Verstappen. "Their reasons are personal, it's just a feeling".

"Everyone has to do what's right for them". All reaffirmed they were opposed to racism but none gave any indication at Silverstone they were going to change their position on taking a knee, although Grosjean remained optimistic they may do so. Some other sports have done it.

"I said sorry", he said.

© Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Reuters Lewis Hamilton was frustrated with the confusion surrounding the anti-racism gesture in Hungary and has welcomed the adoption of a formal ceremony for the British Grand Prix.

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