Epic Games Store adds support for community-made mods

Here’s a first look at achievements on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store now has an achievements system

Epic Games revealed a Trello roadmap to showcase what they have planned for the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games has finally announced the arrival of the Targets for the games on its digital store, although the introduction of this feature is now in a provisional version and subject to change.

A dozen mods are already available for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries players.

Epic Video games has started to carry out its long-awaited achievements method inside of specific online games played by means of its Laptop launcher. They let gamers to alter areas of the knowledge to go well with their desires. Now, Epic ultimately has a beta of that identical technologies. While many members are excited, it is unfortunate that it is only available on one game right now, which is Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries. A new update rolled out yesterday which integrated the feature.

The TableTopRulez Lancemate and Enemy AI Mods by Oraeon1224 are expansions on the AI systems in MW5, bringing greater complexity and visible levels of intelligence to the in-mission AI. Mod support has been long asked for by the community, since mods are one of the most used features in the PC gaming community. In May possibly, Epic On line Expert services launched, which delivers a suite of resources like cross-participate in, cross-development, unified matchmaking, and a lot more absolutely free for builders. Apparently Ark is now the only game on the store that supports achievements, so it's less widespread than we originally expected.

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