$600 unemployment benefits expire today with no replacement in sight

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The White House blasted Democrats for rejecting a one-week extension of the $600 per week unemployment provisions to give Americans relief as they try to hammer out a deal.

Pelosi charged Republicans with offering a "piecemeal" solution.

"We just don't think they understand the gravity of the problem", the senator told reporters.

Meadows offered to extend enhanced unemployment at $600 per week for four months as a stand-alone bill, Politico reported, but Democrats want it extended through the first quarter of 2021 - a nine month extension.

"That was a cushion to make sure whatever needed to be done, could be done, and money wasn't something I had to worry about", she says. "On certain issues, we made progress; on certain issues, we're still very far apart", Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters. We're going to either speak tomorrow or meet again tomorrow and meet on Saturday, ' he said Thursday night.

Schumer said both sides wanted to come to a deal.

'Did we have a good discussion? Yes.

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, is pushing a $3 trillion-plus package the House passed in May that extended the juiced-up unemployment benefits through January and included billions of additional dollars for direct payments to Americans and state and local governments.

McConnell, R-Ky., already broke with the White House when he said he opposed the Trump administration's $1.75 billion request to fund a new Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in the COVID-19 package.

Meadows accused Democrats of refusing to negotiate, saying Trump has instructed him to be "aggressive and forward-leaning" in trying to extend the supplemental jobless benefit.

Democrats have taken advantage of the in-fighting among Republicans to push for expanded relief options, such as food assistance programs. While state unemployment systems provide around 40-45% of lost wages, the federal government stepped in to provide an additional $600 a week this spring when the pandemic forced businesses across the country to shutter.

The US economy shrank at a 32.9% annual rate between April and June - the sharpest decline for decades. Unemployment sits at 14.7 per cent.

President Donald Trump is eager to extend the benefit, undercutting his GOP allies on Capitol Hill who have spent considerable effort devising an alternative that could unite Republicans.

He also said he'd push for the package to include another round of checks for Americans - similar to the $1,200 checks that were circulated, and signed by the president, earlier this year.

"In the past week we received numerous phone calls and applications of people looking for work", he says.

Economic analyses have repeatedly shown that the boosted federal benefits have helped prop up other parts of the economy - and a cut would cost the USA millions of jobs.

There is still significant disagreement between Republicans and Democrats about what kind of aid, and how much, should be provided to Americans as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the economy, causing more than a million people to file new unemployment claims every week. "The Democrats are saying, 'My way or the highway'".

The FBI building has received more attention and criticism, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seemed to struggle Monday to explain why $1.75 billion in a COVID-19 relief bill was being allocated to a seemingly unrelated project.

McConnell has tried to push the blame to the opposition.

"They want to do one small thing that won't solve the problem", Schumer said of the White House proposal.

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