What Apple is doing to make 5G-enabled 2020 iPhones ‘affordable’

Getty Images  Sean Gallup

Getty Images Sean Gallup

According to leaked information by the reputable Ming-Chi Kuo, new iPhones this year won't be coming equipped with either new wired earbuds or new chargers. And these seem like the final version of the dummy unit, which also means this is as close to the official iPhone 12 models as it can be.

Furthermore, Apple is saying that it wants to keep selling the iPhone 12 phone at a similar price range with the iPhone 11, and "removing the in-box accessories will offset the cost of the 5G networking components", the report added.

The recently-launched iPhone SE will also lose the power adapter it is now being shipped with later this year, Kuo said. For the ones who don't have, Apple would earn extra revenue if they have to go back to Apple to purchase the same.

Apple's supposed 20W power adapter.

Apple is most likely gearing up to launch a new Apple iphone in the fall, because the business has released new iPhones in September or October every single year due to the fact 2011. The current 5W and 18W chargers will be discontinued, with the iPhone 12 only shipping with a USB to lighting cable.

Kuo thinks that the new iPads - including a new 10.8-inch iPad later in 2020 and an 8.5-inch iPad mini in the first half of 2021 - will continue to have the power adapter packaged with them. Curiously, blue was dropped from the iPhone 11 line-up despite being available for the iPhone XR.

Kuo also believes Apple intends to end production of both 5W and 18W chargers before the end of 2020. However, whatever is the case it is still unclear about the COVID-19 pandemic effects on upcoming iPhone plans of Apple. The iPhone 11 Pro has support for 4K video recording at 60fps and the reported support for 4K at 240fps on iPhone 12 models will be a huge step forward in terms of motion smoothness.

iPhone 12 Pro - The iPhone 12 Pro will feature a 6.1in display, the most advanced features, 5G, and, of course, Apple's new 120Hz ProMotion display. We've seen graphic designers try to show us what a navy blue iPhone 12 Pro would look like a few different times, and the latest attempt comes from YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone. That's probably what some people will do when faced with the barren iPhone 12 packaging.

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