Mississippi Legislature votes to adopt new state flag

BREAKING: Mississippi Legislature Moves To Remove Confederate Emblem From Flag, Governor Said He’d Sign Bill If It Passes

Mississippi State's Kylin Hill reacts to progress in changing state flag

MS state legislature late Sunday passed a bill to remove Confederate symbol from the state flag in historic vote.

The House originated the bill and voted 91-23 earlier Sunday afternoon to take down the flag.

Sunday's passage was expected following a procedural vote on Saturday.

Last week coaches and athletic department staff from Ole Miss, MSU, Jackson State, Alcorn State, Mississippi Valley State and Southern Miss each visited the statehouse in Jackson to present a united front in favor of removing the flag. Within hours, the Senate followed suit, 37-14. Angela Burks Hill, R-Picayune. A redesign approved by the committee will then be placed on the November ballot. Chris McDaniel said people were angry because they wanted a chance to weigh in.

The amendment failed 39-19. Derrick Simmons, citing his family tree's deep roots in MS and said his sons, age 1 and 6, should not have to be educated, live and work beneath a Confederate symbol.

Democratic Sen. David Jordan told his colleagues just before the vote that MS needs a flag that unifies rather than divides.

After passing the Senate Rules Committee, Senator Briggs Hopson brought the bill up on the floor. "They've told me personally".

The flag, long a point of political contention in MS, was seen by many as a symbol of hate.

"All those things are real, but the bottom line is this is just the right thing to do". "Here is a man who fought to help us win that war. and he couldn't get a sandwich from the back door".

State Sen. Derrick Simmons (D), the Senate's minority leader who is also Black, tweeted "Today made me feel proud to be a Mississippian! And that's what that says today". "It's time. Stand up, and let's move MS in a different direction". For years, supporters of changing the flag have not been able to garner the simple majority needed to change the controversial banner through the normal legislative process.

"We are better today than we were yesterday", said bill author Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, according to Today.

"The legislature has punted on this for too long", he said. The mayor is also asking the state to remove the flag. Mississippians voted in a 2001 referendum by a 2-to-1 margin to keep the flag with Confederate battle emblem.

The news led to widespread reaction around the state, including in the sports world.

This flag will soon be changing. The commission would recommend a new design by September 14, and voters would approve or reject that design on November 3.

Sunday's votes came in his 97th year.

"Removal of the Confederate battle flag from our state flag is long overdue", former Gov. William Winter said in a statement.

MS in 2001 voted overwhelmingly to retain its current flag, hailed by its defenders as a proud symbol of southern heritage and history. Lawmakers will now take up a bill to change the flag after approving a resolution to suspend the deadline for proposing legislation in the current session. That we are people that care for each other, that are willing to work together and willing to go forward together.

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