Indian and Chinese Army Commanders Meet to Defuse Ongoing Tension at Border

India-China standoff: Military officials to hold thi..ion along LAC, will meet in Chushul sector at 10.30 am

LAC standoff: India, China to hold 3rd round of Lt General-level talks on Tuesday

The Lieutenant-General-level talks will be focussed on reducing tension at the Line of Actual Control - the de facto border between India and China.

The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Prior to this, discussions on the similar topic were held on June 6 and June 22. However, sources have told IE that the Indian Army is preparing for a long haul going forward and the stand-off is likely to go till winters.

But on June 15, violence broke out at Galwan Valley after the Chinese soldiers refused to remove a tent - in violation of the decision made at the June 6 meeting - in which 20 Indian soldiers, including a commander, were killed in the line of duty and more than 70 soldiers were injured.

The report further stated that as per the Hong Kong media, the news of the army's new martial arts trainers has come from official Chinese news outlets on June 20.

"The long meeting shows there is some serious discussion on and that the two sides need to come to an agreement on issues", said Srikanth Konapalli, a professor of Chinese Studies at New Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University. However, the troops have been mobilizing and there aren't any signs of abating.

Meanwhile, India had earlier sought "restoration of status quo ante" where troops were returning to their designated locations of the time when the faceoff began in May. It also did not result in any disengagement along the border or in reduction of troops in areas of buildup just adjacent to the border.

PLA soldiers have built dozens of fortifications, prefabricated huts, bunkers and pill-boxes after occupying the "Finger-4 to 8" (mountainous spurs separated by a distance of 8 km) area on the north bank of Pangong Tso in a massive consolidation since early-May. Sources said the "massing of troops" in Depsang Plains was also to be taken up at the meeting of the Corps Commanders. Mirroring China's additional deployment, India too has brought in additional troops, air defence equipment.

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