GOP Sen Suggests Trump Wear Mask

US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a Republican from California wears a mask as he leaves following a press conference in Washington DC the United States

'Wear a mask!': Republicans change tune as Covid-19 cases surge in the US

"I mean, my recommendation is if you can not maintain social distancing right now, it would be a good idea to have some sort of mask", she stated.

Lamar Alexander on Tuesday said that Trump's "admirers" would "follow his lead" if the president wore a mask.

He added that people who wear masks tend to adjust them frequently, which brings their hands to their faces, potentially transferring the virus.

According to a study done in 2014 found in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, called the "Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From a Cough Simulator", a simulation showed that wearing a plastic face shield reduced the inhalation of droplets from a cough by 96%, significantly protecting the wearer.

In the same vein, a Democratic governor called on President Donald Trump to lead by example and mandate mask wearing with an executive order.

Republican Senator Tim Scott of SC, where cases are spiking, posted a similar message on Twitter.

"At an event in Dallas Sunday, Pence said that if local and state officials are directing their constituents to wear masks, the administration "[encourages] everyone to wear a mask in the affected areas.

On June 12, the Centres for Disease Control and Infection urged organisers of large gatherings to wear face mask as the George Floyd protests spread nationwide.

In an interview on Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) urged Americans to keep wearing face masks, prompting Doocy to ask him: "What about the president?" "And I said - especially if I wear a mask and it opens up baseball, concerts, NFL football - I'd rather wear the mask and go to the game to protect Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad and watch the ball game". I went to my grocery store every week, guess what?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown also announced that state residents would be required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces starting Wednesday.

"At 5 pm today, the city of Jacksonville will be adopting a mandatory mask requirement for public and indoor locations, and in other situations where individuals can not socially distance", the city government said in a statement.

In another development Monday, Jacksonville, the Florida city where Republicans are due to hold their national convention in August, declared face masks mandatory. "The stakes are too high for this political debate about pro-Trump, anti-Trump masks to continue". Face masks should not be worn by children under 2 years of age.

Cuomo's state again received donations of face masks from China on Monday.

"Everyone should just wear a damn mask", GOP Sen.

In its first projections comparing different actions to control COVID-19 transmission, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) forecast almost 180,000 in the U.S. will die by Oct 1. Marco Rubio of Florida said last week. "Really what you would like is a study that head-to-head compares face masks to face shields and those studies aren't yet available", Edmond said.

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