Eau De Space: The NASA designed fragrance that smells like space

NASA-Designed Perfume Brings The Smell Of Outer Space To Earth

NASA brings the smell of outer space to Earth

According to Kickstarter website, "NASA created the formula decades ago as a way to train and prepare astronauts for how outer space actually smells". Pearce is seeking crowdfunding to mass-produce the perfume - Eau de Space - and launch it in a wider market. "Practice makes ideal, and it is rocket science".

"The Smell of Space has been locked behind "Need to Know", Astronaut only field training, and Red Tape for years", reads their Kickstarter campaign.

After a couple Freedom of Information Act requests and a lot of determination the secret may soon be made available to earth-bound people like us who will likely never see the inside of an actual space craft. We've all had space ice cream...this takes it a step further. Mr Pearce was originally contracted by NASA to recreate the smell of space in 2008 as part of the space agency's mission to eliminate any potential surprises for astronauts going to space. "It's a bit like the smell of a gun, having just fired", he explained to CNN's Peggy Whitson, astronaut and former resident of the worldwide space Station, in an interview of 2002.

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"I think it kind of has nearly a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned". "The astronauts describe the smell as a mixture of gunpowder, steak pan seared, raspberry and rum", does he attempt to explain. She hopes Eau from Space begins the discussion, with parents, teachers, and scientists taking it from there.

The Kickstarter says that with a $20 donation, they'll donate every Eau de Space purchase to a K-12 School supporting STEM.

Omega Ingredients is also planning to launch a fragrance that smells of lunar dust called "Smell of the Moon".

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