COVID-19 infects 9585 more people in U.S. Florida

US states reimpose virus controls India tops 500,000 cases

US sees record increase in COVID-19 cases with 39,818 new infections in a day

"We got into June and COVID kind of fell off the headlines", Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters.

Speaking at the first White House coronavirus task force briefing in two months, Dr Fauci said on Friday that the current rises were due to regions "maybe opening a little bit too early" and to people themselves not following guidance.

California, Arizona, Texas and Florida are among states hit particularly hard.

Based on local media reports issued lately on Saturday, at least 9,500 new patients were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus over the past 24 hours in the US southeastern state of Florida, with the figure acting as the highest daily surge in the number of cases since the state was first hit by the pandemic.

Much of the focus of concerns that the United States is entering a unsafe new phase has been on big Sunbelt states that are reporting thousands of new cases a day.

While some experts and state governors link the increased infections to expanded testing, other health officials point to community transmission as the primary cause.

Florida issued its new rules after recording a startling 8,942 new cases of COVID-19, eclipsing the state's one-day record of 5,511 reached on June 24.

California's latest figures include an additional 5,349 cases and the state's positivity rate is trending "modestly upward" in the 14-day average, with hospitalization rates over the long term showing a "slight uptick" in the 14-day average, according to an update from the state's department of public health.

As situations spike, United States tourists are "not likely" to be permitted into the European Union as the bloc commences opening up to intercontinental travel, numerous EU diplomats told CNN.

Officials in parts of the USA are now trying to reel in the spread of the virus - which many experts have said is spiraling out of control - by making pleas to the country's young population to keep their distance, urging the use of face masks and halting their reopening plans.

The virus is blamed for 1,24,000 deaths in the USA and 2.4 million confirmed infections nationwide, by Johns Hopkins' count.

Texas and Florida closed bars and reimposed other curbs on Friday as the number of infections in the U.S. hit a single-day record with increases in 16 states, mostly in the south and west. That same day, Texas reported almost 6,000 cases and almost 5,000 hospitalizations.

Florida's governor said there was no plan to continue reopening step-by-step.

"Period 4 would signify a return to ordinary action and we are not able to do that now", the statement explained.

Texas was among the first USA states to reopen.

Despite the grim news from Texas, Florida and elsewhere, President Donald Trump said on Friday the United States was coming back from the crisis, which has halted large parts of the economy and left millions jobless.

As Beshears noted, Florida law differentiates between bars, defined as those that "derive more than 50% of gross revenue from sales of alcoholic beverages", and restaurants, which sell enough food to pass that 50% threshold. On Wednesday, the state saw a record 7,149 new COVID-19 cases.

"It's bad in 30 states", said Simons.

In recent days, officials across the USA have reported a rise in cases among younger groups. In Mississippi, officials pointed to fraternity events as one of the drivers behind the state's scenarios.

"I talk to all Texans to do their element to slow the spread of Covid-19 by donning a mask, washing their fingers regularly, and socially distancing from many others".

In Florida, DeSantis said while the median age for those contaminated with the virus in March was in the 60s, in the previous two to three weeks it is really dropped to individuals in their early 30s.

The governor urged younger groups to be vigilant, saying while they may not be at risk for serious complications, they can pass the virus on to someone who is.

"You have a responsibility to be careful if you're in contact with somebody who is more vulnerable", he said.

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