Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Feature Allows Group Viewing on Laptops

The Windows 10 Amazon Prime Video app is now available to download and use

Amazon Prime Video "Watch Party" Feature Rolls Out In US

Amazon announced today it will offer its US-based Prime members a co-viewing feature called "Watch Party".

To kick your Watch Party, just choose exactly what you would like to see with your pals, pick the Watch Party button onto the display or picture's details page, and then enter a title for your conversation, which will bring in a link you may send to everyone you would like to invite.

With Watch Party, one can chat with up to 100 friends while they watch movies and TV shows online together, Amazon said in a statement late Monday.

Users can host and participate in parties with synchronised playback and a chat sidebar for viewers to converse.

Prime Video watch parties are compatible with most browsers, excluding Safari, but all participants must be logged in with a Prime membership or Prime Video subscription. All of them need to have a Prime subscription and location within the United States during the Party.

App vs. web
App vs. web

Like Netflix Party, Amazon's Watch Party includes a chat window to the side of whatever content you are watching, so you can chat along in silence without spoiling the audio for everyone else. Users click on the new icon when looking at a show. At present, however, those titles available through rent and purchase options only do not support the Watch Party feature. HBO, for instance, partnered with the browser extension maker Scener to supply a "digital theater" expertise for co-watching that helps as much as 20 folks. The entire series of Cheers is on Hulu, by the way. So when my friend Kenneth needs to answer the door to get the delivery he ordered, he would need to tell the host that we need to pause the show in order for things to go seamlessly.

Plex has a group watch feature, too, called Watch Together.

Amazon, nonetheless, had already supplied a strategy to co-watch a few of its Prime Video titles earlier than immediately.

Hulu is also now testing a similar feature on for its Hulu (No Ads) subscribers.

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