Call of Duty: Warzone adding 200 player lobbies

Call Of Duty Warzone 200 Players

Source Activision

It adds that Free-to-play warzone players will see a 22 to 30 GB update. 50 teams of four (or Quads) can now drop into Verdansk and encounter 50 more opponents than usual, which should make your chances of survival even slimmer.

While it can sometimes be tough to earn money in Call of Duty Warzone, a brand new type of contract allows you to make the most out of your purchases from the Buy Station. If you've never tried it, it involves one player holding onto a flag for as long as possible while their teammates defend them. Activision also details the new, reusable Spotter Scope: "a high-powered scope without the glint" which helps you stay hidden while scouting. It won't give off a glint, either, so it's the ideal tool for players who want to play cautiously without giving their position away. As these buffs arrive alongside the new Rytec AMR, I imagine it'll be a powerful addition to the lineup.

If sitting on a roof and patiently picking off unsuspecting opponents is your game plan, you'll be happy to hear that sniper rifles have been tweaked for the better.

A big bonus from this week's new patch is the 200-player Warzone mode, which will be available to play as soon as you have installed the chunky download. If you die, though, a new Juggernaut suit will drop for players to fight over. It also has the downgrading of the gun Grau. The changes made below have decreased their damage range while upping recoil slightly making them somewhat less effective. It'll be a 22-36 GB update for Modern Warfare owners - with a second download of 3.5 GB for console players, but once completed, it should "minimally increase the overall digital footprint of the full version of Modern Warfare". The traditional mini-map is back, for instance, as are Black Ops' swimming mechanics, while Treyarch has also apparently done away with Infinity Ward's interactable door systems for its environments.

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