NY reported only 5 COVID-19 deaths Saturday, Cuomo says

Cuomo: NY employees who travel to COVID hot spots ineligible for paid sick leave

Virus death toll drops to 5 in NY, once the US epicenter

"But as we are seeing in other states who reopened quickly, the pandemic is far from over and we need stay vigilant".

In Dallas County, Jenkins said it had a record 570 positive case of the virus over Saturday and one death, lifting its totals to 20,165 infections and 352 fatalities.

The March 25 directive is no longer viewable on the state Health Department website, and Cuomo effectively reversed the order on May 10, forcing individuals to test negative before being admitted to a nursing home facility.

Cuomo in mid-March announced guaranteed job protection and extended paid-sick leave benefits for all employed New Yorkers who were forced to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. "That's why it is critical we take this stop to limit the spread of this virus". "We experienced a phased reopening primarily based on metrics", defined Cuomo.

Cuomo says that NY now tests additional individuals than any other condition in the state and additional folks, per capita, than any other nation in the world. That was months following some states - mostly clustered in the South and Southwest opened their doors in an attempt to restart the economic climate. Georgia was the first to reopen on April 24. Texas followed on Might 1, then Florida on May well 4 and Arizona on May perhaps 8.

Texas has been vaulted to fourth in the nation in infections with almost 150,000 after reporting six consecutive days of more than 5,000 new cases, according to data from Texas Health and Human Services. And in Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was compelled to pause the nation's next most-populous state's reopening approach amid the mounting quantities.

"The most strident Trump supporters, the most strident ideologues - Texas, Florida - are doing a pirouette and there is nothing amusing about the pirouette", Cuomo said of his fellow governors.

"There are no Democratic facts and Republican specifics", he informed me. It has a total of 141,075 infections and 3,419 deaths to the virus. The basis for the decision was that if people can gather for secular activities like protests and shopping in larger numbers than they can also be inside houses of worship at larger capacities. It is not subject to debate because the hospital bed is empty or completely, we or bury the people or not us.

On Sunday, Gov. Gavin Newsom released guidance for recommending counties that have resided on the state's so-called monitoring list for three or more days to close bars while requiring those that have been on the list for two weeks or more to close immediately.

In one letter to the chairmen of the Committees on Health; Oversight, Analysis, and Investigation; and Aging, a group of 14 Republican Assembly members asked for a review of the state's policies, decisions and protocols they say fell short.

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