Family Guy accused of racism, voice actor steps down from role

Mike Henry

Family Guy: Cleveland Voice Changing — Mike Henry Leaving, Black Actor

The statement did not elaborate but the move follows years of public pressure about the Fox television show's Indian convenience store character Apu, who is voiced by Hank Azaria.

Both announcements come as more and more scrutiny is being directed toward animated projects that feature white actors voicing characters of color.

After two decades, Mike Henry is stepping down as the voice of Family Guy's Cleveland Brown, the actor announced on Twitter.

Bumbling Homer Simpson, housewife Marge, troublemaker Bart, prodigy Lisa, and baby Maggie, have captured the changing face of America for more than 30 years in the longest-running scripted show on United States television.

The news emerged shortly before bosses on The Simpsons declared they will stop hiring white actors to voice characters of colour on their iconic cartoon.

But "Family Guy" also has other nonwhite characters voiced by White actors, including Tricia Takanawa, voiced by Alex Borstein, who also voices matriarch Lois Griffin.

It's unclear what lies in wait for these actors' careers.

"I now understand that people of color, should always voice people of color". "It was frankly an easy decision to make".

It's a little frustrating that it took this long for such a change to happen, especially since it means whoever replaces Henry will never have a chance to lead their own show as Cleveland Brown. But since Family Guy isn't going anywhere anytime soon, the role will be a good opportunity for whoever gets the part.

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