Don’t miss tonight’s Super Pink Moon, the biggest supermoon of 2020

"Whether your hunkered down in your home in central England, or you're hunkered down in your home in suburban Washington DC, or in south-east Asia, you'll be able to see ultimately the same moon".

The moon will appear brighter and bigger in the night sky, and hopefully, no clouds and inclement weather will obscure the view.

"That's a pretty subtle difference, and that's not going to be immediately obvious to the human eye".

April's supermoon is the second of three to take place in in a row, following March's super worm moon and preceding May's super flower moon, due to take place on May 7, Newsweek said.

When this occurs, the moon will appear around 30% brighter and 15% larger than when the moon is at its furthest point from the Earth.

"To be honest, some of the supermoon photography out there is people playing tricks with zoom lenses ..."

Sarah Jones, who took a photo of the moon from her back garden in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, said: "The moon is one of my favourite things to take photos of, especially when its full".

The pink supermoon seen from Bintan Island in Indonesia on Tuesday. Other names for the spectacle include the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon or the Fish Moon. This means that when a the moon is at perigee-syzygy, it will look larger and brighter than usual. She's been taking her nieces out next to the house at night to look at the moon and notice that every day it's a little bit different, and that doing something like that with young children is a great first introduction to the night sky.

"The moon is a really rewarding astronomical object to look at". Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning.

Brown said stargazing can be a rewarding family quarantine activity.

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