Blackface or Just Mud? Hulu Pulls Golden Girls Episode

Golden Girls Blackface

Hulu Removes ‘The Golden Girls’ Episode Featuring Blackface

"First of all, they were in mud masks not blackface".

Season 3, episode 23 of The Golden Girls, entitled, "Mixed Blessings", has been pulled from the Disney-owned streamer in an ongoing effort to purge society of anything produced in the past that could be considered remotely offensive by today's new standards.

Some say Hulu has gone too far after the streaming service pulled an episode of the Golden Girls due to a potential blackface controversy.

Aired in 1988, the episode revolves around the storyline where Michael (Scott Jacoby), the son of Dorothy (Beatrice Author), planning to Wednesday a much older Black woman, Lorraine (Rosalind Cash).

In it, stars Betty White and Rue McClanahan apply a mudpack to their face, and when they meet a black family say: 'This is mud on our faces, we're not really black'. And prior to that line, Lorraine's mother assumes Dorothy - who brings a feather duster to the door when she answers it - is the maid.

As writer Roxane Gay explained, "Removing this episode is weird, counterproductive and stupid. I didn't see that ask on anyone's protest sign", she wrote.

She added in a follow-up tweet: "To be clear: I'm not "attacking" Hulu". And second of all, in what world does 'Stop killing us.' sound like 'Please remove episodes of Golden Girls'? "I would just hate for the seriousness of this moment and movement to get lost in symbolic (and sometimes silly) overcorrections", added Simon. But the in-laws arrive early and catch the two characters in the masks, which sparked blackface concerns from the decision makers at Hulu.

On Friday, "The Office" creator Greg Daniels confirmed that a scene from the episode "Dwight Christmas", in which a character is in blackface, has been edited out.

Hulu did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. It is unclear whether the episode of "The Golden Girls" will return to the streaming platform.

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