U.S. accuses China of using Floyd death for propaganda

China Promises ‘Consequences’ if Britain Grants Haven for Hong Kong Residents

Pompeo slams 'obscene' Chinese propaganda on riots

Earlier, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated he was prepared to offer the right to live and work in Britain to some 3 million Hong Kong citizens eligible for a British National Overseas passport, in the event that Beijing proceeded with enforcing its security legislation within the city.

However, despite the distraction of the pandemic, the new law has been met with a strong response both in Hong Kong and from overseas.

"We urge the United States to get its own house in order, solve its own problems, take care of its own people and stop gross interference in other countries' internal affairs and the attempt to divert attention", the spokesperson said.

Concerns have also been voiced that the United Kingdom offer would exclude Hong Kong youth, who have been spearheading the year-long protest movement, writes the outlet, as British National Overseas passports are issued only to people born before the 1997 end of British colonial rule.

In response to the legislation, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on 2 June in a statement in the House of Commons on the situation in Hong Kong that the UK had respected the Sino-British Joint Declaration, but that China's "authoritarian national security law" in respect to Hong Kong undermined the "one country, two systems" framework. Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, claimed that "no reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China" and announced a revocation of Hong Kong's special treatment under US law.

On Thursday, North Korea lashed out at the United States claiming they were in no position to criticise China after Washington threatened to "unless the dogs" on Black Lives Matter protests.

"If China proceeds to justify their fears, then Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulders and walk away".

For example, Lee said pastor Wang Yi was sentenced to nine years in prison in December 2019 for "inciting subservience of state power" because he stood up for religious freedom.

"One more thing British politicians may be mistaken about is which country needs the free trade agreement more". On Wednesday, as Hong Kong's parliament convened to discuss another new law which would ban displays of disrespect towards the Chinese national anthem and flag, there were violent clashes between protestors and law enforcement officers, with hundreds of pro-democracy activists detained by the police. The law will be implemented in Hong Kong after Beijing is done drafting details of the legislation.

However, this week, Chen Wen, Minister and First Staff Member of Chinese Embassy in London, warned BBC World at One that there would be a price to pay for such actions.

"Why does the United States lionize the so-called Hong Kong independence and black violence elements as heroes and activists, while calling people who protest against racism "rioters"?"

"There will be consequences, that's for sure".

She said: "I'm not threatening anything".

Denying what she said was a threat, Ms Wen argued it would be "damaging to Hong Kong' stability".

"I'm just saying this is not the correct decision, and it will be damaging to Hong Kong's stability".

"It will be damaging to the UK's own image of abiding by its own commitments".

"It will be damaging to the entire relationship".

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