World No.2 Rafael Nadal rules out tennis till it is safe

Rafael Nadal has serious doubts about coming to the US Open

Rafael Nadal admits he would not travel to play in New York in current climate

"They want to play if everyone is going to be safe".

I don't know why Tsonga said it, I have no idea.

Nadal thanked Chinese fans and even answered some questions from three lucky fans, "Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I appreciate all my Chinese fans taking time to make my day special". Because, of course, NY was one of the places that was hit hard by the virus. "If you told me to play the US Open today, I would say 'no.' In a few months, I don't know". And when it does, wait to see how the virus evolves and how the situation is going to be in NY in a couple of months. "All people who want a good world and a safe world are against racism and poverty and all the bad stuff that is happening", he said. I am confident they will make the right decisions in the right moment to be sure that if the tournament is played it's going to be under extremely safe circumstances. "If not, in my opinion, it doesn't make sense", said Nadal during a video conference call, as reported by ESPN. We need to be responsible. We need to be a positive example on how we need to do things.

"We can't come back until the situation is completely safe enough in terms of (health)", he said, "and fair enough in terms of all the players from every single (country) can travel to the tournaments under safe circumstances to compete".

"The feeling is odd". When I said I don't see tennis during the whole season it was because we have been under the awful circumstances with a lot of people suffering every single day. We are in a worldwide sport.

Training: "I am in a country where tennis players have not been able to train in the last two months, without picking up the racket, so I have only been able to play in the last two weeks because I do not have a track at home. If we were told that there would be a vaccine in December, I would say that there is no point in playing earlier because it is not worth it", he added. Is something that today is not worrying me much honestly. "So I'm not really bothered by it". "When we have the clear information, I am sure that with the team we are going to be able to find a solution".

"In my mind, if the whole world is suffering, if a lot of people are dying because of this pandemic, we can not imagine organizing a huge sporting event with lots of people from around the world", Nadal said. The important thing now is to avoid injuries, so some days I only practice an hour, others half ... That's the main thing today...

So the man who used, once upon a time, feel the need to practise for hours at a time-and the intensity and length of his inter-match sessions at tournaments became the stuff of legend-has moved on. Yes, he has evolved, matured, taken the longer-view.

"It is important for me to be positive and in some way to value how lucky we are to have the life that we have, because there are a lot of people that don't have the luck that most of us have".

"Hopefully it will not happen but sadly we will probably have to do it that way".

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