State Department Of Education Releases Framework For Reopening Of Schools

Highland Park school district sanitizes its classrooms as coronavirus spreads thougout N.J

'School will look and feel different' this fall, says Morrison

4% of parents said they would not send their child back to a traditional school until there is a vaccine. It's not easy to teach in this environment, and the challenges so many parents have had juggling work, home, and kids during this crisis were truly without precedent. In order to fund those programs, $70,000,000 has been allocated to be distributed by DPI to local school administrative units, charter schools, and the Innovative School District.

The Seattle school district says it will soon decide how the next school year will operate given the current coronavirus pandemic.

At least 120,000 children rely on school buses and other Department of Education organised transport to get to school every day.

Students' grades were frozen once schools closed. We do not want students to miss an educational opportunity because their families may not be able to afford it. "It's really a symbolic gesture to show all of our kids how much they mean to us, how much we miss them and love them and that we are rooting for them for the future and looking forward to getting them back to school".

"We are putting energy and focus into developing all three (models) just as the state suggested, knowing that right now we are hopeful that things will continue to be positive and numbers continue to stay where they anticipate them staying", Brown said. Each student was chosen by teachers and school administration for their commitment to learning and personal growth.

As students head into the 2020-2021 school year, Hunt said, summer school is even more important. Learning has been online.

Students participating in summer school will complete a pre-assessment to identify their individual learning needs, Hunt said. "We will also be offering French and Spanish classes for our students enrolled in our dual-language immersion programs ... to keep up their language skills during the summer".

The busload of board members along with Superintendent Kristin Baranski made a stop at each honored student's house, where their teachers and principals were also there to read a short statement to the victor, and give the student a certificate and a medal.

The district moved largely online since it first shut down all buildings on March 12 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Schools have been granted the option to hold classes on Saturdays, or to start the school year early if need be.

"We have task force teams planning for any scenario", Hunt said.

It is understood today's talks will centre on a roadmap or protocol to govern health and safety aspects of the return to school, including the purchase of protective equipment, as well as additional cleaning in schools, and training for staff on managing social distancing and other health and safety protocols.

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