Slack video and voice calls will rely on Amazon Chime

The Slack Technologies Inc. logo is seen on a banner outside the New York Stock Exchange during thew company's IPO in New York

Slack and Amazon partner to take on Microsoft Teams

The two companies Announced a powerful partnership on Thursday, which includes the Slack service for all Amazon employees. Slack will migrate its Slack Calls capability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime, AWS's communications service that lets users meet, chat, and place business calls.

By using Chime technology to run Slack's video and voice call features, the company hopes to add new features.

In addition, Slack is partnering with Amazon in a multi-year agreement which signifies that all Amazon employees will begin to utilize Slack, as heightened competition from Microsoft Teams is beginning to heat up. Increasingly, I see customers wanting to use best-of-breed products that work together. These integrations further Slack's relationship with AWS, as it previously relied on the Amazon-based cloud service to operate, as well as AWS releasing a Slack application for Chime meetings.

AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM): For EKM, Slack leverages AWS's proven security services, including AWS Key Management Service for distribution and control of cryptographic keys. So instead of experiencing unusually high growth, as market darling Zoom recently did, Slack instead delivered steady growth.

At the beginning of March, when many workers around the world left the office to work from home, video-conferencing tool Microsoft Teams saw usage increase by nearly 40pc in a single week, reporting 44m daily active users.

Going forward, the AWS Chatbot service will incorporate AWS's more than 175 services to give developers the ability to collaborate with their teams to manage all of their cloud-based services without leaving Slack. "The vast majority of our service has always run on AWS".

Slack added a record 12,000 new paying customers in the three months ending April 30, and more than 90,000 new organizations with paid or free subscription plans, it said Thursday in a earnings report. "This will continue to catalyze adoption for the new category of channel-based messaging platforms we created and for which we are still the only enterprise-grade offering". He also said that Slack is looking into transcription.

For 14 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

As part of the deal, Slack will now use AWS as its preferred partner for storage, compute, database, security, analytics, machine learning and future collaboration features. Millions of customers-including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies-trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.

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