George Floyd Murals and Tributes Around the World

Mural of George Floyd by Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun to protest against racism

Mural of George Floyd by Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun to protest against racism

"We are advocates of peace and freedom.and we believe it is our duty to stand in solidarity with the humanitarian causes of the world", Syrian painter Aziz al-Asmar, 48, painted on the wall of a damaged house in his Idlib hometown of Binnish.

The painting of Floyd was accompanied by words "Say no to racism" and "I can't breathe".

Damra created a attractive and vibrant illustration of George Floyd, with the words "Justice for George", and Flayhan on the other hand shared a series of images depicting how the eyes of the world are watching the brutality of the police against black people.

The artist worked on the painting with his colleague Anis Hamdoun, said that the images of Floyd reminded him of images he had seen of Syrian children killed by a suspected chemical attack in Damascus and the city of Khan Sheykhoun in 2017.

Numerous wonderful shows embrace the phrases "I can't breathe", George's final phrases to the officers who have been making use of drive to his neck and again for nearly 9 minutes ... serving as a reminder of the unjust, inexcusable and inhumane approach during which he died.

As we reported, the four officers concerned in George's killing have now been arrested and charged in his homicide.

Dozens of cities across the United States remain under curfews at a level not seen since the violence following the 1968 assassination of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

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