COVID-19 pandemic 'under control' in France: govt adviser

France's coronavirus death toll up by 46 to 29,111

Covid-19 pandemic ‘under control’ in France – head of government advisory body

Delfraissy, however, informed that the country was reporting 1,000 new cases per day, down from around 80,000 in early March.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now "under control" in France, the head of the government's scientific advisory council said Friday, as the country cautiously lifts a lockdown imposed in March.

It recorded 150 clusters of the virus, which are said to be under control.

"That means that the virus continues to is present in some regions in particular, obviously more in the Paris region and the south west of France, but its pace has slowed down".

"We have said it clearly, we think that the first case scenario, the epidemic under control, is the most probable", he said. "We have the tests, . and a whole system of isolation to be able to trace the positive cases and to avoid the virus to spread again", he added.

"We can reasonably say that the epidemic is under control", Professor Jean-François Delfraissy told France Inter radio on Friday.

"Let's not relax our efforts by applying barrier gestures".

The third scenario consists in a "progressive, quiet restart of the epidemic, which would be more hard to control" and the fourth - the most severe - a "critical degradation" in the situation leading to a "loss of control on the epidemic", which likely will force authorities to re-impose restrictive rules on people movement.

A total of 47 daily deaths in the hospital were registered, just one more than Thursday, while the total number of fatalities so far in hospitals was 18,761 and the total in nursing homes 10,350. In a similar downtrend, the number of people in intensive care decreased by 69 to 1,094.

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