Apple Stores close again, as iPhone looters get this tracking warning

iPhone 12 range could soon enter production, but only certain models

Apple is tracking iPhones stolen by looters

While opportunists are using the current protest marches as a chance to loot and raid Apple Stores, they are finding that they can not do anything with the iPhones they grab off those tables.

But, the good news is, the Cupertino giant is taking a unique approach towards catching all the culprits.

Apple has cut prices on its official store, on the Alibaba-owned Tmall,, as well as Apple resellers, are also offering significant discounts, reports MacRumors. Many may also choose to abandon the devices in a public location, as Apple's warning of being tracked might be justified since the Find My feature has helped an impressive number of people to recover lost or stolen devices in the past.

While most stores use cameras and security alarms to flag theft attempts, Apple has always been rumored to be using some sort of proximity technology to keep its display products secure.

Yes, there is a sting in the tail for anyone stealing a boxed iPhone from one of those retail stores.

"Please return to Apple Walnut Street".

"This device has been disabled and is being tracked", it says. "Local authorities will be alerted", the alert said. Apple puts all this effort into protecting its iPhones, and looters - or those unfortunate enough to have bought one - just identify themselves as having one of these pilfered devices on Twitter.

Apple has cut the prices of its latest iPhones in China ahead of a major online shopping festival as it looks to continue the momentum it has seen following the gradual resumption of the world's second-largest economy after the coronavirus lockdown.

They will probably be stripped for parts for black market sale or directly dumped over tracking fears.

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