Snapchat Stops Promoting Trump Account

Daily Crunch Snapchat says it won’t promote Trump		
	Anthony Ha

		8 hours

Daily Crunch Snapchat says it won’t promote Trump Anthony Ha @anthonyha 8 hours

Another social media giant has chose to take action against President Trump.

"We may continue to allow divisive people to maintain an account on Snapchat", Spiegel wrote in his memo, "as long as the content that is published on Snapchat is consistent with our community guidelines, but we will not promote that account or content in any way".

"We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover", the spokesperson added.

"I am heartbroken and enraged by the treatment of black people and people of colour in America". Snapchat has not blocked Trump's account but would no longer promote it.

In an earlier memo, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said: "Our Discover content platform is a curated platform, where we decide what we promote".

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still benefitting from promotion on its Discovery feature, even two days after suggesting police shoot protestors, just in the legs though, "instead of in the heart".

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale rebuked Snapchat's decision in a long-winded statement with similar language that was used in his criticism of Twitter.

Snapchat notably has no central news feed, unlike most social media platforms, and has consistently emphasized the role of interpersonal communication over broadcasting. The company cited Trump's comments regarding "racial violence and injustice" for the decision.

"But there is simply no room for debate in our country about the value of human life and the importance of a constant struggle for freedom, equality, and justice". 'If you're a conservative, they do not want to hear from you, they do not want you to vote. "They view you as a deplorable and they do not want you to exist on their platform".

Mr Trump accuses the platforms of "censorship" and limiting "free speech", but his critics say the president has distorted the interpretation of those terms and is himself seeking to regulate online content.

"Snapchat has become a haven for child predators to be able to both exchange child pornography with each other, and to be able to induce children to send pictures of them to the predator", observed John Jay College criminal justice Professor Adam Wandt in an interview with WBUR.

Facebook, on the other hand, has chose to leave up Trump's controversial posts without any disclaimer, but the decision has infuriated some employees, who've been speaking out. This was part of his campaign's outreach to young voters.

Democratic rival Joe Biden, who is seeking to oust Trump in the November presidential election, quickly capitalized on the move.

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