Verizon to support Movandi, Pivotal Commware, WNC 5G repeaters

Verizon 5G

Credit Verizon

American carrier Verizon has confirmed its plan to switch on 5G upload capabilities, delivering faster speeds to users for uploading multimedia content like HD videos and playing large online multiplayer games.

So how does something like this happen? And Verizon's speeds were consistently fast in almost every city, with median download speeds of at least 30Mbps (a good benchmark for a fast speed) in 45 of 55 cities, a total matched by only AT&T (for example, Sprint recorded median download speeds of 30 Mbps or better in 32 metros, while T-Mobile did the same in 12). Most carriers are doing Sub-6 and/or mid-band spectrum right now. Verizon has pegged its initial 5G strategy on millimeter wave, which delivers much faster speeds than LTE.

By looking at the table below, you can tell which carriers are doing which deployments pretty easily. Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband is only available in select parts of certain cities and requires a 5G-compatible smartphone. Which offers insane fast speeds, but the coverage is terrible.

Moving aside our earlier story about Verizon having the "fastest 5G network in the world", there is actual news related to their 5G network today that matters. And Verizon won or shared far more RootScore Awards than any other carrier in 2020 to date, with a total of 329 awards (AT&T being the closest competitor with 193). T-Mobile launched its nationwide 5G network in December, and just announced further expansion of coverage into the Sa Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Calif., and Tampa and Orlando in Florida. Sprint's 5G availability was a little better at 10.3%; its network operates on the 2.5GHz band, which is also known as mid-band spectrum.

T-Mobile was able to roll out a nationwide 5G network all at once, because it used low-band for that network. This may be a modest estimate with Ookla Speedtest reporting an average of 50.55Mbps, which, according to PC Mag, is a whopping 78 percent jump over existing 4G speeds. Because it's using the same spectrum as 4G LTE.

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