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The star of Sunny and the new Apple TV series Mythic Quest spoke with NME earlier this week.

Show star and co-creator Rob McElhenney told ABC Audio, "What we tried to do from the very beginning was to make sure we made an episode that was at the very least fun and amusing and would bring a certain amount of levity to people's lives when they're sitting in their house for the last three months and possibly the next month ahead". However, while Ganz brought that experience to the table, it also meant that she knew how challenging it could be - the Modern Family episode took over three months to edit, whereas this episode had to be ready in three weeks. It was also important to get the episode out while it was still happening at the time, and McElhenney was surprised that Apple accepted the concept. There are some shows that have subsequently come out. Parks and Rec weren't (broadcast) when we conceived this, but I found out that Mike (Schur) was doing it, and I called him up and asked him a bunch of questions. I was like, "I don't know that we're going to be able to do this". To that Apple replied. And it doesn't work unless they all do it, that if one person f***s it up, then the whole thing is ruined.

Earlier previous year, he said: "As long as we can come to business terms that fit both our needs and they can continue to make episodes as good as they have been making, there is a good chance it may go past season 14".

The rapid pace of the shoot also forced actors to deal with things they don't normally have to face, "getting into the minutia" of cameras, lenses, and sound and video production, which are things that actors typically don't have to deal with.

To get (footage) through to editorial as fast as possible, because we wanted to get this episode done and out while we were still in quarantine. I could see what each actor's camera is capturing and you can also see the audio readings. Then we would run the scene, and the actors would be talking to one another the same way we're talking right now (by phone), through our AirPods.

Shot entirely on iPhones, the show finds the team behind the biggest multiplayer video game of all-time tasked with working from home.

In a later interview with Variety, McElhenney further commented on the $600,000 raised for Mercy Corps' COVID-19 relief program. The episode will air this Friday.

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