Arkansas unemployment rate soars above 10% in April

Nevada Michigan Hawaii unemployment rates above 20 percent

Nevada Michigan Hawaii unemployment rates above 20 percent UPI22 May 2020

The chief economist for the state employment office said Friday Nevada's April unemployment rate of 28.2% is the worst in the nation.

In more detailed, state-by-state statistics released by the Labor Department, the three states each stood out with unemployment of at least 20 percent - levels unseen since the Great Depression.

Yes, but: State officials have taken issue with the federal government's unemployment estimates, saying their jobless rates might be twice as high, the Post writes. He says Nevada's accommodation and food service industry lost almost 41% of its jobs compared to last April.

In Michigan, where each of the major US automakers idled their assembly plants in April, the unemployment rate was a record 22.7 percent. Its rate in March was 4.3 percent.

More than one-fourth of Nevada's workforce is out of a job.

Economies that rely heavily on travel, tourism, retail, commerce and other service sectors - in states such as Nevada and Hawaii - have been negatively impacted by business closure mandates.

MI lost 237,000 jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector, 174,000 in manufacturing, and 159,000 in trade, transportation and utilities.

Seven states recorded unemployment below 10 percent, MarketWatch reports, with CT the lowest with only 7.9 percent. CT in particular included a note "that said the federal data must be considered "inaccurate" and 'severely underestimated.' Instead, the state estimates its true unemployment rate to be around 17.5 percent".

NY and California, two states greatly affected by the pandemic, had jobless rates of 14.5 percent and 15.5 percent respectively.

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