United Kingdom government set to announce 14-day quarantine on arrivals

Video Matt Vickers MP / Twitter

Video Matt Vickers MP / Twitter

Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary, said the plans would be reviewed every three weeks.

All global arrivals, including returning Britons, will have to self-isolate and provide details of where they will be staying under the plans, which were criticised by airlines, business groups and politicians alike. "We want to avoid a second wave and that is absolutely vital".

"We are not shutting down completely".

Ministers were continuing to consider forging so-called air bridges with other nations that have low transmission rates in order to allow some worldwide travel.

Trade body Airlines UK has said it "would effectively kill" global travel to the UK.

He said: "As long as the quarantine is in place then nobody is going to be flying any more than we have today, which is only about 5,000 passengers daily, when normally we would expect at this time of year almost a quarter of a million passengers". If this does not meet the necessary requirements - such as hotels, or with friends or family - they will be required to self-isolate in facilities arranged by the government.

Border control officers will also be able to refuse entry to foreign citizens who are not United Kingdom residents during border checks, and the Home Office said that removal from the country could be used as a last resort.

Priti said those who breached the quarantine in England could be fined 1,000 pounds ($1,218), and that spot checks would be carried out by health and border officials.

They will be told to avoid public transport and travel to their accommodation by auto "where possible", and not to go out to buy food or other essentials "where they can rely on others".

Rule breakers would face a 1,000 pounds (1,217 USA dollars) fixed penalty notice in England and border force will be able to refuse entry to any non-British citizens who refuses to comply with these regulations, said the Home Office in a statement.

Later, those returning from Italy were told to self-isolate.

As of Friday morning, 254,195 people have tested positive for the disease in the country, marking a daily increase of 3,287, said the department.

There are also questions about how this will work in practice and what it will mean for the travel industry, which is already suffering huge losses.

There will be limited exemptions and a full list will be published on gov.uk.

The quarantine will not apply to those arriving from the Irish Republic, nor to freight drivers, medical professionals and seasonal agricultural workers.

She said: "It is to protect that hard-won progress and prevent a devastating resurgence in a second wave of the virus".

I fully expect the majority of people will do the right thing and abide by these measures.

Opposition parties have criticised the government again for acting too slow and say the rules should've come in much earlier to stop the virus from spreading in the UK.

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