Sphero names new CEO, spins out first responders business

Company Six is a new spinoff from toy robotics manufacturer Sphero that will build custom robotics and AI for police military EMTs fire departments and more

Producer of Disney’s BB-8 Toys Launches Robotics Startup for Police- Reports

The firm, behind the robotic toys like the BB-8 robot and educational robotics kits, announced that it has successfully completed the spin-off of Company Six into an independent company to commercialize intelligent robots and AI-based software applications for emergency responders.

Sphero, most famous for its enormously successful remote-controlled version of BB-8, the characterful droid from the new trilogy of Star Wars films, has announced that it's spinning out a new company, exotically named Company Six or CO6.

The new company intends to meet the needs of first responders, government, defense, and those who work in risky situations with new robotic products.

The company hasn't announced any clients or new projects, but promises to focus on 'lightweight, yet highly advanced robotic solution that provides critical awareness for those we depend on the most, including police, fire, EMT, military, and others with risky jobs'.

Although Sphero did not explicitly state that Company Six will make robots for the police, it seems that such machines will become an important product for the new company.

Sphero says the company has sold more than four million robots since it was founded in 2010.

"Our team is excited to build critically-needed robotic hardware and advanced software solutions that help first responders and people with risky jobs", Chief Operations Officer Jim Booth said, as quoted by the New Atlas media outlet. Former CEO Paul Berberian and COO Jim Booth also opted to put their military backgrounds to good use and started the Public Safety Division to create tools for "first responders and those who put themselves in harm's way".

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