Sony to reveal "compelling PS5 games lineup" soon

PS5 will be getting some game announcements soon

PS5 will be getting some game announcements soon

It's is meant to bring all the games that are directly developed by Sony's first party studios under one roof.

Via Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat, there will be a Sony event happening sometime in early June. The rumor comes from GamesBeat's Jeffrey Grubb, who posted on gaming forum Resetera that an event is "currently planned for June 4". What can we expect to see from the June event?

Revealed during the recent Sony corporate strategy meeting this morning, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida stated that fans will get to see some intriguing PS5 games soon for PlayStation's next-gen lineup.

Although we've heard from a selection of developers about their upcoming E3-replacement summer plans, the big three platform holders, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, remain more or less tight-lipped. The video series has a reputation of introducing upcoming games and new features to the PlayStation world.

Usually, such an announcement would be planned carefully for an event like E3, but as we know, Sony chose to stop participating in the annual event even before it was called off because of the pandemic.

It's been a slow build to the actual PlayStation 5 reveal so far. "If you're on an English console, [you shouldn't] be taking space for French or Spanish audio files, things like that". The fully playable tech demo, which was running in real-time, was a real sight to behold. Its unique SSD will allow for speedy loading times and larger worlds, and its graphics chip will help power visually stunning engines like the Unreal Engine 5.

With the Xbox Series X event expected to take place on June 9-10, Microsoft is expected to stage console wars in June. He added that it's "really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way".

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