Sony PlayStation 5 will be 100 times faster than PS4

Thanks to the High-Speed SSD, PlayStation 5 Runs About ‘100 Times Faster Than PS4’

Sony claims PS5 is 100x faster than PS4 due to custom SSD - MSPoweruser

Despite a somewhat negative aura surrounding the launch of its next-gen console, Sony has kept tight-lipped about it.

With no official announcement of a PS5 console design reveal, we're going to have to wait a little longer to catch a glimpse at the machine. Will there be sequels to games that we already know of? But hey, we're not complaining; we'll take whatever comes our way.

Revealed alongside the console manufacturer's reveal that they will be unveiling a "compelling lineup of PS5 games" during a corporate strategy meeting, the company talked about the system's speed compared to its predecessor. Kenichiro Yoshida, President, and CEO of the organization expressed that Sony's arrangement to declare something soon. The overall message conveyed: the PS5 aims to provide an immersive experience in gaming like no other. These moderate and unsatisfying updates coming out of the PS5 camp have disappointed fans, writers, and the network the same. In any case, it is as yet an urging sign to see Sony adhere to its line that the reassure stays on course. All things considered, only a couple of months back, we weren't sure the dispatch would even happen this year.

With all of that in mind, we've been trained to expect higher price points for new consoles.

"In order to further enhance the sense of immersion in games, we expect to improve not just the resolution, but the speed of games", the Sony document reads.

Games journalist Jeff Grubb first broke the news PS5 would be seeing a June 4 reveal, with a whole host of games being showcased alongside (hopefully) a glimpse of the new console.

We can generally dream, right?

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